Tuesday, July 6, 2010


"THANK YOU" for everyone at our Home Church for all the hard work that was done to make the Barbecue Fundraiser for us such a success. This is the second year they have done it and it gives us a little breathing room financially. Normally we make it month to month not knowing where next months funds will come from. But God has always provided. I know that as long as God wants us here, we will be here. Both years our Church raised enough money to keep us going at least two full months.
June 12th. marked our two year anniversary serving here in Honduras.
In our last update I mentioned I felt Called to do more than I had been able to do working with the ministry I was with. I wanted to make myself completely available to God to be used according to His Will every day. With the exception of the couple that run the ministries "Bridge House", we were the only missionaries with WGO that actually live down in the city. I believe I am the only one that takes the cities buses and taxis, and almost every day I walk through the streets and neighborhoods. It makes me feel more in touch with the people we came here to serve. I feel Called to do more long term impact ministry than just seeing someone once every year or two. The medical brigades are awesome. Each year they help over 60,000 people receive basic medical care. But many people need so much more than that. For the first two years here, the standard answer had to be, "we don't do that, we just do medical brigades and concrete floors". But now I am no longer with WGO. Now I pray daily that God will send me wherever He wants me to go. To do whatever He wants me to do. To say whatever He wants me to say. As I look out over the city, it is easy to be overwhelmed at the great need. I could work the rest of my life and never even begin to accomplish it all. I don't intend to do it all. I just want to do what God wants done today. And then to get up and do what He wants done tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after... I can't help hundreds today, but send me to the one(s) I can.
All over Honduras there are hundreds if not thousands of Missions Organizations. I expect they do most anything you could imagine to help the people of Honduras and spread God's Word. Since leaving WGO, each day I seek to serve God in any way He will use me. And He is keeping me busy. In my previous Post I told of some of the people I have worked with.
-Odalis is still doing great. Since our last post I have been able to buy uniforms and materials for her next youngest sister to also go back to school. I normally go back and check on them every two weeks. It is awesome to see these two girls as they begin to break the cycle of poverty and hopelessness they were locked into.
-Jackie (the widow with nine daughters). We were able to go back and put concrete on the rest of her floor. Jesus (my son) and I went a couple weeks ago and Jesus patched holes in their roof. It's rainy season here and there are times when it rains every day. Before we fixed it, you could stand inside their Home and see more holes than I would want to count. The next project I want to work on for them is an area to shower/bathe. It is typically a small room (a little larger than a typical 36 inch shower back in the U.S.). To shower/bathe, a person gets a 5 gallon bucket of room temperature water and uses a small bowl to pour the water over themselves. A lot of people in that area only have a tarp they hang up outside they can hide behind it to bathe. Some are made from wood, and some from concrete block. I hope to build theirs from block, next to the Pila we recently built so it will be easier for them to get the buckets of water they will need.
-We (Jesus and I) were able to go back and put a 450 litre (119 gallon) water tank in the Home of the family we put the toilet in for. The tank is elevated so they get water under pressure. We installed faucets in the area where they cook, and in two other places. Plus we hooked the toilet up so it fills automatically (instead of pouring water in with buckets). Now they can keep enough water on hand to last them several days, and they no longer have to dip it from a barrel. They get it from a faucet.
Since leaving WGO I have stayed very busy. God was/is Calling me to work in other ways, and I am. One of the things I want to do is to find out about as many ministries as I can. As I meet people, I want to know where they can go that will best minister to their individual needs.
July is the first month that donations to us have not been accepted through WGO. We do not normally receive much (we only average receiving donations from nine people each month), but because of a large one time donation for January, some tax returns, and the Barbecue fundraiser by my Church, we have made it to July.
But now we need your help. Most donations were being made by credit card. That is no longer possible, and donations will need to be sent by mail. During this transition time, no donations have been received for July. We were able to pay our rent, but we have bills due on Friday the 9th, and Saturday the 10th that we do not have funds for (they total $210.). Our next bill after that will be for on July 2o th. And then on August 1st it will start all over again.
It looks like Jesus and Jennifer will have to be home schooled this year. We need to get a system ordered as soon as possible so maybe someone coming down can bring it back with them. So far we have no funds to cover that.
If you made donations in June through WGO, we did not receive them.
Roy Morton Missions Fund c/o
Holly Springs Baptist Church
P.O. Box 366
Holly Springs, N.C. 27540
or you could send it to my mother if you prefer and she will get it to us. Her address is:
Roy Morton Missions Fund c/o
Sarah Morton
P.O. Box 182
Holly Springs, N.C. 27540
PLEASE WRITE "Roy Morton Missions Fund" in the "For" section of your check.
Donations are tax deductible.

Please prayerfully consider partnering with us so that we can continue to serve here in Honduras. It is not possible without your help. For every person God Calls onto the mission field, He also Calls those who will support them.
God has Called us, and we are here. I think of Luke 9:62 -But Jesus said to him "No one having put his hand to the plow, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God".
Thank you to everyone that has made our service here possible so far. Please, everyone keep us in your prayers.
"Dios te Bendiga'

Jesus and Jennifer have not posted here for some time so they are also working on posting. Please check back within a couple of days as I will ad theirs to the end of mine.
Thank You and God Bless You.

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