Saturday, April 23, 2011

It Might Feel Like It's Over, But It's Not Over

Something had died. There was no sign of life. There was no hope. There was no prospect of a new beginning. No indication that anything good would ever come out of something so destructive.
That is the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter. Silent. Hopelless. Quiet. Dark. Lifeless. The body is in the tomb. The stone hasn't moved. The feeling of loss still cuts to the bone. It seems like it's over...but it's not over.

Your marriage may have ended.

Your job may have been lost.

Your relationship with your son may be estranged.

Your health may be deteriorating.

Your dream may have died.

Your friend may have hurt you.

Your parents may have walked out on you.

It may feel like it's over. It may feel like death has won. It may feel like the tomb will have the last word. It may feel like you will never survive the circumstances you're in right now.
It may feel like it's over but Easter reminds us it's not over.

As long as you have breath, God has a plan.

As long as you have a heart beat, God has a mission.

As long as you have faith, God specializes in resurrections.

Today is Saturday

The day of silence.

The day of sadness.

The day of quiet.

The day of death.
To experience a resurrection, something has to die. It may feel like it's over, but it's not over.

Your resurrection is near.

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