Saturday, September 17, 2011


Desperate times call for desperate measures! I am trying to reach alot of people in a short amount of time so I am calling on my Facebook friends in hopes that you all will help. I have volunteered as a missionary in Honduras for the last three years. Please look at some of my older post here and see what I have been doing. If each of you in the U.S. would donate $10. now, I can serve for two months. If you will donate $10. every month, I can stay here indefinitely and be able to grow my ministry. ($100. supports and sends a child to school for a year, $150. installs a concrete floor in a home with a dirt floor, $200. installs a new tin roof on a home, $2,000. builds a typical wood home, $3,000. builds a typical concrete block home, .......) I invite all of you to come and visit. Serve along side me for awhile, and/or see some of the beautiful country of Honduras, and get to know some of the wonderful people here. PLEASE HELP. NO AMOUNT IS TOO SMALL! Also, if you have ever considered being a missionary or going on a mission trip PLEASE get in touch with me! Bendiciones!

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