Saturday, October 8, 2011


I look forward to the Homecoming celebration at Church on Sunday, October 9th. I hope you all will attend.
It has been quite awhile since I updated on projects that I have completed. Most of what I have done in these last months is concentrate on the main reason I am there. Witnessing and Discipleship. There are many projects I have in mind and am waiting for funds to get them going.
If any of you have ever thought about going on a mission trip, or just going to a third world country to experience a little of what life is like there. Now is the time to come and visit. I invite all who will to come to Honduras and serve along side me. There are endless opportunities to serve. And where I live now, there is also the opportunity to see and experience some of the natural beauty of Honduras. Airfare is the largest expense. Lodging, meals, and in country transportation could average as little as $25. per day for a weeks stay. If there are any projects that you would like to work on while you are there, only the actual cost of materials would be added. Small construction projects are one of my specialties. A week long Bible School is another suggestion. You can witness all day for free!
Please consider becoming a partner in this ministry.
Your prayers as well as financial support are essential for us to continue to serve on the foreign mission field in 2012 and beyond.
It's easy to think "Someone else will do it". But that has not been the case. We need your help!
"No one else can take your place in what the Lord has laid on your heart. That's why He laid it on your heart".
PLEASE HELP. All donations are tax deductible and 100% is used for ministry in Honduras.
Please make your check out to:
Holly Springs Baptist Church
P.O. Box 366
Holly Springs, N.C. 27540
FOR: Roy Morton Ministry
We can also accept payment online through Paypal. My account with them is my email address;
You can phone me at (919) 521-8051
Thank You and God Bless You All!

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