Sunday, December 18, 2011


Recently Honduras was named the country with the
most homicides of any other country in the world. tthe city where I live is between the two cities with the highest murder rates in Honduras. The worst is over 150 murders for every one hundred thousand people. I've thought about
this a bit lately. But yesterday something happened that made me think about it
even more. I had been in the central part of the city. As I was walking back home, I was
surprised by a blow to my head with a hammer. I have said before I thank God for
all that has happened to me in my life. I know all of it, the good and the bad,
prepared me to be used by God now. I am a bit sorry to say I did not take time
to witness to the man. My instincts was to hit him in the throat. After that, he
was finished with me. I wasn't in pain, but I was concerned about the amount of
blood running down the side of my head. I have walked that street so many times,
and I was very close to the house of some friends. A husband and wife, both in
their eighties. I went into their home and the lady and her sister got me
cleaned up. By then most of the bleeding had stopped.The police finally came but
they didn't help. I was alive and nothing was taken from me, so they didn't
think it was serious. If I had been killed they probably would not have done a
lot more. I know God protects me more than I will ever know. And He surely was
with me yesterday. I could have been killed, but I never even got a headache. I
know God is now, and will later use this experience to keep me growing closer to
Him. I pray for the man that attacked me. It's funny to me to think of how he
set out to hurt me, but God protected me. I think about it, and wonder what God
is doing in that man's life right now. I like to think that one day he will be
saved, and that maybe what happened yesterday will be at least a part of what
got him headed towards Christ. This also helps confirm to me that God is using
me here, and the devil doesn't like it. God is in control, and everything is in
His hands.

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