Monday, January 30, 2012


After I was attacked with a blow to my head with a hammer on Dec.17 th., I knew I must be doing something right for Christ here in Tela, Honduras. If not, why would the devil be coming against me. When bad things happen, it doesn't discourage me, it makes me excited to see what God has planned for me to do.
Then there was another major setback. As of January 1st, my level of monthly support was down to $30. (thirty dollars) per month. The minimum amount that I need to pay the obligations I have and eat, is $600. per month. I sold half of my power tools, and some other items to make it through the month. As it stands now, I have enough to pay rent on Feb. 1 st., and $25. left. I expect that sounds crazy to quite a few people, but one thing that I have learned here is living on faith. As long as God wants me serving on the foreign mission field, I know He will make it possible for me to stay.
It was great to be here in January, as I was able to travel with some others to a small Church in the mountains overlooking the city where I live, and the ocean. A Canadian that had lived here for several years passed away, and his family decided to give away his possessions through that Church. I was able to donate some small Bibles I had as well. It was a great afternoon. The Church has no walls on three sides. It's basically a roof with benches underneath where people can sit. I posted some photos but I don't know how to put them where I want them. That's why they are aranged the way they are.

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